Motorola’s Droid Pro Is Fixing To See a New Update Arrive

Motorola’s Droid Pro, which took the smartphone family in a very BlackBerry-like direction, looks like it will soon find itself on the receiving end of a new software update. As should be painfully obvious, the Droid Pro isn’t getting Ice Cream Sandwich (Motorola doesn’t even mention the handset, or its Sprint version, the XPRT, on its update info page), at least not through official channels. But, as you can see, that doesn’t mean that support is dead for the phone, and users should expect to keep seeing a few more maintenance updates like the one teased today.

Release notes for the update are up on Verizon’s site in anticipation of its distribution. There are some nice-sounding changes, like improved control over the keyboard’s backlight, along with a few bugfixes; problems pertaining to spontaneous power-on events, crashes following the installation of software updates, and the system locking-up when you press the space bar are all being addressed. The phone also gets updated to support emergency alerts, receives a security patch, and Verizon’s got new VCast and VZ Navigator software.

Look for system software 4.7.3 to start going out to Droid Pro owners in the next couple weeks.

Source: Verizon
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