Google could spend half a billion marketing the Moto X

From the appearance of those first big ads we saw for the Moto X, it seemed clear that Motorola and Google were serious about taking the promotional steps needed to give this smartphone a fighting chance. Considering how it’s expected to arrive with lower-end specs than the season’s current crop of Android flagships, it’s going to be absolutely key for Google to explain to shoppers why they should choose the Moto X over flashier devices. To that end, the company is rumored to be spending up to $500 million on Moto X marketing.

The Wall Street Journal cites a multi-hundred-million-dollar figure for the Moto X’s global campaign. That’s an important detail, as it makes clear that the Moto X won’t be a US exclusive – with the focus on US manufacturing, combined with rumors of another Motorola handset with a European focus, we had been wondering what the international plan really was for the Moto X.

Unfortunately, it’s sounding like the Moto X might not be as affordable as devices like the Nexus 4. Despite specs largely in line with that phone, the Moto X could be priced more in the neighborhood of heavyweights like the iPhone 5 or Galaxy S 4. We hope someone got their signals crossed here, because from what we’ve heard, a $500+ sticker price could be hard to justify.

There is some good news: the Moto X should be available on all the big US carriers, and show up with comparatively little bloat.

Source: The Wall Street Journal
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