Early May Starting To Sound Good For HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE

A couple days ago, it looked like Verizon was nearly ready to announce the HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE, putting information for the phone up on its Droid Does website. Apparently that gesture was a little premature, and the carrier quickly took down the offending pages. As a result, we’re left with a relatively complete picture of the phone’s hardware with little to no information on how it might be launched. There’s still nothing official, but a couple rumors are taking a shot at just when the phone might land.

According to the account of one Reddit user who had the opportunity to meet with an HTC representitive, the Incredible 4G LTE will likely arrive sometime in May. That’s plenty vague; surely we can do a little better? According to a source used by PhoneDog, Verizon is workings towards a May 10 release date for the phone. That sounds pretty resaonable, as an early May release would probably make more sense for the carrier than sitting on the phone for much longer.

When the Incredible 4G LTE briefly appeared on Droid Does, it was listed with a $300 on-contract price. Since all that info was never meant to go live, we’re not sure how much faith to put in it. W’re no stranger to $300 phones, but we’d hope to see such treatment reserved for models a little higher-end than this handset; it sounds perfectly solid, sure, but without luxuries like a larger screen in 720p, we’re not sure it’s worth top-dollar.

Source: Reddit, PhoneDog
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