Did Samsung just confirm the Galaxy Note III (among other models)?

There’s no shortage of new hardware announcements this morning, and we’ve brought you news of the latest devices from ASUS, Acer, and Samsung. While Samsung went public with its Galaxy Tab 3 hardware, we’re probably even more interested in the company’s upcoming phones. A whole bunch of them, including the Galaxy Note III, may just have been inadvertently confirmed, thanks to Samsung’s Kazakhstani site.

The list has since been edited, but just until recently had been including models like the Galaxy Note III, GS4 Mini, and GS4 Zoom. More than just offer names, it also included model numbers for these devices.

Since this was on the official Samsung site, these are all now confirmed, right? Well, probably, but there’s a little that’s still somewhat “off.” For instance, this keeps referring to GS4-series models as “GSIV”, when we’ve seen Samsung abandon the GSIII’s Roman numerals for Arabic characters. Then there’s the model numbers: SM-N9000 is not at all what we’d expect for the Galaxy Note III. That sounds more like another Note tablet like the 10.1, when it would make more sense for the Note III to be something like the GT-N7200.


Source: Samsung Kazakhstan
Via: Android Guys

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Did Samsung just confirm the Galaxy Note III (among other models)? by